Low-molecular Amino acids

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Technology Overview

Technology to manufacture health functional food notice-type protein products(Granule, liquid, powder, etc.) by removing fat from meat & plants and extracting low-molecular natural amino acids that can be digested and absorbed using an high-pressure enzyme hydrolysis(HPEH) system.

Existing protein materials have a disadvantage of slow digestion and
absorption because most of them have a large molecular weight,
and in particular, there is a limitation that they are not effective for
patients with digestive disorders and the elderly.    

Our High-pressure liquefaction technology
produces low-molecular amino acids

produced in low molecules that are easy
to digest and absorb (molecular weight 500 Da or less)

Highly functional amino acids
  • 01

    Developed and supplied the world’s first meat protein low-molecular amino acid

  • 02

    Supply of the world's best premium low-molecular amino acid

  • 03

    Supply of health functional foods and beverages that are easily digested and absorbed

  • 04

    Development and supply of protein amino acid food for starvation refugee relief

High-Pressure Enzymatic Hydrolysis (HPEH) Technology

High-Pressure Enzymatic Hydrolysis

overcomes the limitations of existing production methods, A perfect solution to produce competitive products in the domestic as well as global market

Advantages of HPEH Technology

Existing Problems

  • Decomposition without corruption is impossible
  • Takes a long time for fermentation
  • Use of chemical components (acid decomposition method)
  • Large molecular weight that is difficult to digest and absorb
  • No meat hydrolysis products
  • Protein denaturation by high temperature treatment
  • Contemplating ways to utilize non-preferred meat

High-Pressure Enzymatic
Hydrolysis (HPEH)

High-Pressure  Enzymatic  Hydrolysis

Problem Solving

  • Possible to hydrolyze without decay
  • short-time hydrolysis
  • Use only water and enzymes (eco-friendly method)
  • Low molecular weight for easy digestion and absorption
  • The world's only meat hydrolysis product
  • No denaturation by low temperature treatment
  • How to max out non-preferred meat consumption
  • Additional Development Items

  • Egg

    Egg yolk lecithin, egg white albumin
    extraction and commercialization

  • Rice

    Low molecular sugar extraction
    and functional food conversion

  • Ginseng

    Extraction and commercialization
    of ginsenoside low molecule
    from ginseng

  • Green tea

    Extraction and commercialization
    of low-molecular-weight
    catechin, an antioxidant

  • Coffee

    Commercialization of antioxidant and blood
    sugar control functional beverages
    by extracting chlorogenic acid

  • Parsnip

    Extraction and commercialization of coumarin,
    which helps blood circulation and
    warms body temperature

  • Schisandra

    Extraction and commercialization
    of shizandrin, which strengthens the
    muscle and skeletal system

  • Broccoli

    Sulforaphane extraction and
    commercialization for prevention of
    dementia, Alzheimer's,
    Parkinson's, etc.