Novocell Bio Co., Ltd. leads in technological competitiveness through ceaseless research and development.




CEO Letter

I am So Jin-il,
CEO of Novocellbio Co., Ltd.

Novocellbio is a Korean bio company that
possesses the world's best
NK cell mass culture and activation technology.

Although NK cells have excellent ability to treat cancer and various immune diseases, they have been experiencing difficulties in cell culture and activation. Novocellbio has succeeded in mass-cultivating and activating NK cells, and is now emerging as a global leader in the bio industry.

Currently, we are aggressively conducting clinical trials for various disease treatments, including the 10 major cancers, as well as ongoing clinical trials at home and abroad, and are planning various projects using Novocellbio's technology worldwide.

In addition, we will expand the NK immune cell therapy market worldwide through cooperation with multinational pharmaceutical companies and technology export. We expect Novocellbio's technology to grow and develop rapidly from the global immune cell therapy market to the aging management industry.

In addition to the immune cell therapy business, starting this year, we will carry out the low-molecular amino acid business using ultra-high pressure enzyme hydrolysis (HPEH) technology. By using low-molecular amino acid extraction technology, which is better digested and absorbed by the human body than existing amino acid products, we challenge the vegan market and protein product raw material market formed only with existing high-molecular amino acids.

Through the research and development of bioenergy material extraction using natural substance-derived low-molecular amino acid extraction technology, we intend to contribute to human health maintenance and life extension.

We will do our best to become a technology that provides hope to people all over the world who are suffering from diseases, rather than being limited to technology.

Along with technology development, we will continue to make donations for a better world.

We ask for your support and encouragement so that Novocellbio can grow into a global bio company beyond Korea through technology.

Thank you so much.