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NOVOCELL BIO’s Innovation

Novocellbio's technology has already been proven.
Company NOVOCELLBIO Nkmax GC labcell KRIBB* (Dr. Choi I team) Japan
Major cell
  • ·Natural killer cells
  • ·Natural killer cells
  • ·Natural killer cells
  • ·Allogenic
  • ·Natural killer cells
  • ·Allogenic
  • ·Natural killer cells
NK cells seperatio n Method
  • ·Lymphocytes separation from PBMC**
  • ·Lymphocytes separation from PBMC**
  • ·Leukocytes separation
  • ·Lymphocytes separation from PBMC**
  • ·Difficult to get blood
  • ·Hematopoietic stem cells separation from bone marrow
  • ·Leukocytes separation
    (need a lot of blood)
  • ·NK cell purity: up to 98.5%
  • ·Total cell number: up to 2 billions
  • ·High expressed activating receptors (NKG2D, NCRs, DNAM-1 )
  • ·Low chance for side effects
  • ·High cytotoxicity for cancer cells
  • ·Highly activated NK cells obtained
  • ·Used by drawing blood from peripheral blood vessels
  • ·No gene modification needed
  • ·No feeder cell needed
  • ·High technique needed for
  • ·Only 2 weeks for cultivation
  • ·Cell viability: up to 95%
  • ·NK cell purity : 95~99%
    Up to 1 billion cells
  • ·Tumor cell used for feeder cells
  • ·Gene manipulation-needed
  • ·3 weeks for cultivation
  • ·Gene manipulation- needed
  • ·Side effects expected
  • ·Low viability of cells due to cell freezing
  • ·Cell viability: 71-88%
  • ·NK cell purity: 85-95%
  • ·Immune cells differentiation from stem cells
  • ·Stem cells acquired from leukemia patient’s family
  • ·Difficult to get expanded cell number
  • ·Enhance immunity against cancer
  • ·Applicable for all cancers
  • ·Effective to even solid cancer due to highly expressed DNAM-1 receptor
  • ·Enhance other immune cells due to highly secreted IFN-γ
  • ·Preparation for clinical trial with lung cancer
  • ·Enhance immunity against cancer
  • ·Applicable for all cancers
    Not available yet
  • ·Hematologic malignancy (Leukemia)
  • ·Very low effect for Terminal cancer patient

01the culture techniques are different

When culturing cells, we do not use genetic manipulation or cancer cells as support cells, but use pure natural products for cultivation, so we have excellent stability.
In addition, we have NK/NKT mass culture technology that is significantly higher than our competitors, and our NK cell activation technology is also excellent.
NK and NKT cell ratios have been confirmed to increase about 7 times after culture than before culture.

02excellent tumor suppression effect has been demonstrated

As a result of observing the expression level of receptors that play an important role when NK cells exhibit pro-inflammatory properties before and after NK cell culture, the number of activated receptors after culture increased from 2 times (2B4) to 739 times (NKp46).
Thus, NOVO-NK is likely to exert an effective anti-tumor effect.

03Induction of apoptosis of various cancer cells.

IFN-γ secreted from NK cells is a factor that induces cancer cell death. It was confirmed that the amount of IFN-γ secreted from NK cells increased when NK cells were co-cultured with solid cancers of A549 (lung cancer) and A431 (epidermoid cancer) and hematological cancers (K562).
In addition, it was confirmed that the CD107a protein expressed in NK cells, which secrete granzyme B or perforin to show cytotoxicity, was also increased when co-cultured with various cancer cells, confirming that NK cells can induce apoptosis of cancer cells.

04it showed potential as an effective COVID-19 treatment.

Through the strong antiviral effect in the test of NOVO-NK cell therapy against COVID-19, it proved that it can be an effective treatment against COVID19. Results of immunostaining and real-time PCR after culturing Novo-NK cells in cells infected with SARS-CoV-2 (beta corona virus). (Seoul National University joint research, 2020.07.14) NK cells were administered to Vero cells infected with SARS-CoV-2 and reacted for 6 hours, quantitatively analyzing the area of the part where the infected cells were detached.Compared to the control group (wo (without)) in which NK cells were not administered to virus-infected cells, it was observed that the detachment (death) of infected cells increased as the number of co-cultured NK cells increased.This shows the ability to kill SARS-CoV-2 according to the increase in the proportion of NK cells administered

  • Immunostaining results
  • Co-cultured with NK

Results of immunostaining and real-time PCR after culturing Novo-NK cells in cells infected with SARS-CoV-2 (beta corona virus). (Seoul National University joint research, 2020.07.14)

  1. A

    No virus was detected in the experimental group not infected with the virus, and the number of infected viruses significantly decreased as the number of NK cells increased in the virus-infected cells.

  2. B

    As the number of NK cells increases, the amount of infected virus in the cell decreases.

  • Real-time PCR result (A)
  • Real-time PCR result (B)