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will establish research centers and treatment centers around the world.

Novocellbio is discussing a project to establish a treatment center directly in overseas locations such as China, Mexico, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Japan, and the United States, and is actively promoting technology transfer and establishment of a local culture center.

  • Mexico
    1. ·Mexico TecSalud Group & local cell therapy hospital for technology transfer and joint venture immune cell culture center establishment
    2. ·Clinical progress with Monterey Zambrano Hellion Hospital for COVID-19 and breast cancer treatment
    3. ·Promoting anti-cancer immunotherapy business in collaboration with Zambrano Hellion Hospital
  • USA / Canada
    1. ·Promote the selection of innovative new drugs from the FDA and apply for anticancer research funds from the US Department of Defense with the anticancer treatment center of Zambrano Hellion Hospital, Monterey, Mexico
  • EU / Middle East Asia
    1. ·Promotion of technology transfer contract
    2. ·Operation of local anti-cancer immune center (JV)
  • China / Vietnam
    1. ·Technology export to cancer centers or hospitals
    2. ·Operation of local anti-cancer immunity center (JV)
    3. ·Promote R&D and clinical trials with bio companies
  • Japan
    1. ·Japan Immune Cell Therapy Center opened
    2. ·Cancer prevention and anti-aging center operation

Novocellbio is conducting various joint clinical trials and joint projects with Mexico's TecSalud.


  • ·TecSalud and COVID-19 treatment, breast cancer joint clinical trial in progress


  • ·Opened Novocellbio culture center in TecSalud University Hospital in March 2022
  • ·In March 2022, NK cell test culture and result confirmation in Mexico culture center.
  • ·Agreement to jointly proceed with the establishment of a JV to treat various diseases using immune cell therapy in the future.
  • ·Decision to proceed with joint clinical trials with TecSalud for breast, lung, and pancreatic cancer, and agreement to proceed with the first breast cancer clinical trial.
  • ·TecSalud decided the Novocellbio project as one of the three major projects. TecSalud agreed to invest directly for commercialization of NK cell therapy
  • ·From the first half of 2022, the clinical trial approval process for COVID-19 treatment ‘NOVO-NK’ is in progress


  • ·Signed a joint clinical trial contract for COVID-19 treatment ‘NOVO-NK’ in February.

Various joint project sites with Mexico TecSalud (Monterey Zambrano Hellion Hospital Clinical Center)