Novocell Bio Co., Ltd. leads in technological competitiveness through ceaseless research and development.







  • ·Completed development and commercialization of low-molecular amino acid extraction and processing technology
  • ·Promotion of establishment of immune cell therapy center (Japan, Vietnam, etc.)


  • ·So Jin-il, CEO of Novocellbio Co., Ltd., received the 5th 13 people who made Korea shine in the "medicine category“
  • ·Development of immune cell manufacturing method with improved cytotoxicity (Application No. 10-2022-0085308)
  • ·Completed manufacturing facility for cell therapy production at TecSalud University Foundation Hospital in Mexico


  • ·Joint clinical trial and cooperation agreement with Mexican TecSalud consortium for technology export of ‘NOVO-NK’, a COVID-19 treatment
  • ·Promotion of phase 1 clinical trial for anti-cancer drug development with Chung-Ang University
  • ·Establishment of clinical and R&D GMP

2018 ~ 2020

  • ·Method for increasing cell therapy viability (Patent application: 10-2018-0034464)
  • ·Lymphocyte harvesting method using density gradient centrifugation (patent application: 10-2018-003448)
  • ·Establishment of Fukuoka Immunotherapy Center in Japan
  • ·Changed company name to Novocellbio Co., Ltd.


  • ·Relocated to Songdo, Incheon



Management Board


Mr. Soh, Jin Il

  • ·Hanyang Univeristy-Department of Trading.
  • ·Halla Cement-Overseas sales Team
  • ·Koreasensor.Com Co.,LTD(C.E.O)
  • ·CoreLBT Co.,LTD(Chairman)
Vice President

Mr. Shin, Moon Sun

  • ·Yonsei University – Department of Business Administration,
  • ·LG Electronics America Corporation (CFO)
  • ·LG Electronics (Managing Director, IT)
  • ·LS Asset Management (CFO)
  • ·LS Global (CEO)

Mr. Kim, Seon Mo

  • ·Korea University of Foreign Studies-Department of English
  • ·Dai Loc Co.,Ltd(Director of Investment Planning Department)
  • ·Naru Tech Co., Ltd. (Director of Overseas Business Division)
  • ·CoreLBE Co.,Ltd(C.E.O)

R&D Staff

Research Director

Ms. Moon Guy Young

General management of cell therapy development

  • ·Dongduk Women University(Master of Dept. of Pharmacy)
  • ·Achieved Oriental Pharmacist Certification
  • ·Sung Do pharmaceutical co., Ltd(Director)
  • ·CoreLBT Co.,LTD(R&D Director)
  • ·Research Director of Novocell Bio Co., Ltd.
Senior Researcher

Mr. Lee Jae Won

Cell therapy development

  • ·Hanyang University College of Medicine(MD/Thoracic surgery specialist)
  • ·Eulji Medical University(Professor, Dept. of Medicine)
  • ·Youngguang Hospital(Chairman)
  • ·Member of Korean Medical Association, Korean society for thoracic and cardiovascular surgery
  • ·Korean society for Vascular surgery
Principal Researcher

Ms. Back A Rome

Research and development of immune cell therapy

  • ·Graduated from Department of Pharmacology, Hallym University
  • ·Researcher at the National Cancer Center
  • ·Senior researcher of Rescue Bioscience Co., Ltd.
  • ·Principal Researcher of Novocell Bio Co., Ltd.

Mr. Lee Jae Min

Immune cell research

  • ·Master's degree in Molecular Biology, Chung-Ang University
  • ·Researcher of Novocell Bio Co., Ltd.

Low-molecular Amino acids

Research Director

Mr. Kim Ho Won

Low-molecular Amino acids

  • ·Doctor of Public Health, Wonkwang University
  • ·Wonkwang University Professor
  • ·Director of Wonkwang Sports Medicine Research Institute
  • ·Chairman of the Agricultural Life Industry Cooperative
  • ·CEO of Wonkwang Biosystems Co., Ltd.
Research Associate Director

Ms. Choi Eun Young

Low-molecular Amino acids

  • ·PhD in Food and Nutrition,Wonkwang University
  • ·Wonkwang University Industry-University Cooperation Foundation Full-time Researcher
  • ·Iksan Agricultural Technology Center Instructor
  • ·ofessor, Department of Food and Nutrition, Wonkwang University
  • ·Professor,Department of Food Processing, Chonbuk National University

Patent & Technology

Category Main Content
  • ·Antiviral composition containing NK cells as an active ingredient (Application No.: 10-2020-0132050)
  • ·Method for manufacturing immune cells with improved cytotoxicity (Application No.: 10-2023-0011635)
  • ·Method for manufacturing immune cells with improved cytotoxicity (International PCT application: KR 2023/002414)
  • ·Cytotoxic activation and NK cell mass proliferation culture technology
  • ·NK cell ratio up to 99% or more, NK cell number more than 2 billion culture technology
  • ·Various activation receptor expression and high cytotoxicity expression technology


  • President

    Mr. SOH,JIN IL

  • Established

    1st November 2003

  • Address

    8th, Aniocean B/D, 99, Incheon Tower-Darero, Yeonsu-Gu, Incheon, Republic of Korea

  • Capital

    KRW 17,925,000,000

  • Staff

    30 persons

  • Contact

    TEL : 032-723-9988
    FAX : 032-723-9977

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