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NK cells are the dream of modern medicine.

“Immune is the best doctor and cure”
As Hippocrates said, Natural Killer Cells (NK cells) are the best treatment that can save modern people from numerous diseases through immunity.
Why NK cells?

NK cells attack abnormal cells directly and quickly.

Unlike T cells, which have a relatively slow immune response, NK cells self-identify malignant cells, transformed cells, or virus-infected abnormal cells, and directly attack and kill them.
It enhances the body's immunity by secreting chemokine and various cytokines, which are substances that play a role in inducing proliferation and activation of other immune cells.

Why NK cells?

NK cell therapy,
Overcome the limitations of existing treatments.

It attacks even cancer cells that T cells cannot attack, and also removes cancer stem cells.
NK cells also play a role in transforming a ‘cold tumor’ that does not respond to anticancer drugs into a ‘hot tumor’ that responds sensitively.
There are no side effects compared to existing anticancer drugs, but a synergistic effect occurs when combined with anticancer treatment.

Why NK cells?

From anti-cancer to anti-aging, From autoimmune diseases to geriatric disease treatment

NK cells have already shown excellent anticancer effects through various clinical trials, and it can treat autoimmune diseases(rheumatoid arthritis, type 1 diabetes, atopy, psoriasis, hyperthyroidism, Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, Behçet's disease, Sjogren's syndrome, lupus, Lou Gehrig, etc.) & geriatric diseases(Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, degenerative brain diseases, etc.).
NK cells are leading the paradigm shift in modern medicine br

The size of the global autoimmune disease treatment market is also growing at an astonishing rate, and is expected to reach $23.86 billion by 2025.

[Global Autoimmune Drugs Market 2021-2025 TechNavio (Infiniti Research Ltd.) 2021.06

  • EFFECT 01

    Protection against diseases caused by aging

  • EFFECT 02

    Insomnia improvement

  • EFFECT 03

    Cell anti-aging action

  • EFFECT 04

    Inhibition and removal of senescent cells

  • EFFECT 05

    Inhibition of cancer cell development

  • EFFECT 06

    Inflammation removal

  • EFFECT 07

    physical fitness

  • EFFECT 08

    Restoration of skin elasticity

  • EFFECT 09

    Relieve chronic fatigue

  • EFFECT 10

    Immune boost